Logging call in web application

For cases when your CRM initiates outgoing calls that Softphone.Pro should consider as inbound, you can configure the app for correct recognition of these calls as outgoing.

You have two options to log a finished call in your web application:

  1. Softphone.Pro opens a predefined link in a default web-browser
  2. Softphone.Pro sends an HTTP GET request to a predefined URL in background (it doesn't open web browser)

We use the second option in the example below.

1. Open Integration - Third-Party Systems on Settings window:

3-rd party integration settings

2. Click Add Handler button:

Adding a new handler

3. Select "Call end" event type in Event dropdown.

Call end event type

4. Select SIP account if you want to handle events for a specific account. If you select "All" then Softphone.Pro will handle selected event for all SIP accounts.

Select SIP account

5. Select in Action dropdown:

Call web-service

6. Enter your web service URL in URL/Program text input and add an appropriate URL parameters. See the available parameters brief description below the URL/Program text input:

Web service URL and parameters

You can use Regular Expressions to modify Caller ID or you can send DID number to 3-rd party system.

Note, that %RECORD% variable contains full path and recording file name on a local computer. If you want to upload recording file on your server read the Upload softphone call recordings to FTP server article.

7. Click Save button.