Obtain customer data from 3-rd party system

Supported in Softphone.Pro 3.2 and newer.

Softphone.Pro obtains customer data (name, company name, URL) from a 3-rd party system and displays it on incoming call notification window. You need to implement the web-service method that receives a Caller ID and returns customer data in JSON format:

	"crm_info": {
		"number": NUMBER,
		"contact_name": NAME,
		"company": COMPANY,
		"contact_link": LINK

number - customer's phone number,
contact_name - contact name,
company - company name,
contact_link - URL that Softphone.Pro user can click to view customer data in a web-browser.

How to configure Softphone.Pro to obtain customer data

1. Install the PHP script example

Download PHP script example

1.1. Extract PHP script file and copy it to your web-server's public folder.

2. Set up integration in Softphone.Pro

2.1. Open Integration - Third-party Systems:

Integartion - Third-party systems

2.2. Click Add Handler button:

Add upload-by-HTTP handler

2.3. Select Incoming call ring event in Event dropdown list:

Select incoming call ring event type

2.4. Select your SIP account in SIP account dropdown list. You can leave the All option, then Softphone.Pro will execute this event handler for all SIP accounts defined in program settings.

Select SIP account

2.5. Select Call a web service in Action dropdown list:

Call a web service on event

2.6. Enter the PHP example script URL in URL/Program field:


Enter third party CRM integration script full path

2.7. Click Save button to save changes.

2.8. Make a test incoming call to see the customer data on Softphone.Pro incoming call notification window:

Screen popup and click-to-open on external CRM

Please note that example PHP script returns the same customer data regardless the Caller ID it receives.