Ooma SIP Account and setting softphone up

Click the headset icon in the top left corner, then Settings, select SIP Accounts in the left block, and click "Add account" button.

Now enter your SIP account credentials you got from Ooma:

  • Account name — enter a name
  • Register on startup — the program will do SIP registration for this account if you tick it. If you don't, the program will not register on a SIP server, and you might not be able to place or receive calls.
  • SIP server — SIP server hostname or IP address. Program uses 5060 port to connect a SIP server by default. You can define other port using that format: sipserver:5061.
  • Login — the login
  • Password — the password
  • Display name — this is what be shown to a callee
  • Authorization name — program uses Login for authorization if this field is empty
  • Domain — SIP domain
  • SIP proxy — SIP proxy

Now click Test Connection button. You'll see the Successful registration message if Softphone.Pro can register on a SIP server.

Click Save button to save your SIP account settings. Wonderful, high time to make calls :)