Outbound Calling in Google Sheets

Feature is supported only in Google Chrome.

Should you need to transform the number before dialing (for example, remove plus or somehow else) please read the article about the dialing rules.

You can make outbound calls from Google Sheets using Softphone.Pro. Add Softphone.Pro Extension to your Google Chrome browser to enable this feature.

Add extension to Chrome

There are two ways to make outbound calls from Google Sheets.

1. Left click a phone number in Formula Bar:

Click to call from formula

2. Hold Ctrl and left click a phone number in any cell:

Click to call from cell

Can't make calls while holding Ctrl?

Make a call from Formula Bar.

Check Always allow docs.google.com to open links of this type in the associated app in a pop-up window.

Allow site to open Softphone.Pro

Click Open Softphone.Pro.