Play audio on answer

1.Create pre-recorded audio message

1.1 Follow steps 1-4 to create pre-recorded audio message.

2. Set up Softphone.Pro to play pre-recorded audio message on answer

2.1 Open Third-party System section on Settings window.

Settings - Third-party System

2.2 Click Add handler button.

Add handler

2.3 Select Incoming call answer event in Event dropdown.

Setting handler Incoming call answer event

2.4 Select appropriate SIP account in SIP account dropdown.

Select SIP account

2.5 Select Launch a program in Action dropdown.

Action Launch a program

2.6 Enter Softphone.Pro executable path and add the command line parameter to play pre-recorded message in URL/Program field.

Command line parameter to play audio message

URL/Program example:

C:\Users\[WINDOWS-USER]\AppData\Local\Vedisoft\SoftphonePro\SoftphonePro.exe -playprerecordedaudio 1

[WINDOWS-USER] your Windows account;
-playprerecordedaudio 1 Command line parameter to play the first pre-recoded message defined on the Pre-recorded voicemail drop settings section.

2.7 Click Save button.