How to release concurrent user license?

Every time user starts Softphone.Pro on his or her computer the single concurrent user license is used. We recommend you to do the following if you don't want a user to be able to use the software:

  • Remove that user in Softphone.Pro Team control panel. All user's calls, audio recordings and screen captions will be still available;
  • Disable user account on your on-site provisioning server;
  • Uninstall Softphone.Pro. For example on Windows 10, open Settings > Apps > Apps & Features, find and click the Softphone.Pro and then click Uninstall.

We can replace your existing license key with a new one if you don't have an Administrator access to user's computer, neither use the remote configuration and provisioning (Softphone.Pro Team, on-site provisioning server). Please contact our support team for details and pricing.