Using reports

Administrators and Supervisors can use reports to analyze call center workload and Agents performance. Every report provides a diagram and historical data in a table below.

Supervisor can access Reports and view report data for his or her Teams only.

Calls report

Time Period

Choose a time period to filter report data and select an available time interval (Hour, Day, Week and Month) to group historical data.

Time Period filter

Report metrics

You can see multiple metrics in a table below. Please read brief description of each metric using the Question mark icon. You can find that icon next to a metric name in a column header.

Diagram displays the first metric by default. You can choose another metric to display on a diagram by clicking the small Diagram button next to a metric name:

- click to display that metric on a diagram above the table.
- click to display percentage for that metric instead of values.
- click to sort data in a table.

Metric controls

Drill Down

Click a specific time interval in a table to see calls data.

Calls report historical data