The reports in Team contain a lot of important analytical information and are designed to help you find answers to questions that are important to you.

Read more about what the report is in the article Using reports.

1. Calls

1.1 Calls

- Main information about all agent's calls for a certain period

1.2 Calls by tags

- Information about calls with tags set during After Call Work

2. Distribution of incoming calls

2.1. Incoming calls by time of day

- Peak hours of maximum and minimum workload for agents

- Help with efficient scheduling of agents

2.2. Incoming calls by day of the week

- Peak hours of maximum and minimum workload for agents

- Assistance in the distribution of agent shifts depending on the day of the week

- Dependence of work efficiency on the day of the week

2.3. Incoming calls by geography

- Determination of the country, region and city for incoming calls

- Dynamics and comparison of the number of incoming calls from different regions

- Assistance in identifying the most promising regions for attracting clients

3. Incoming calls processing quality

3.1. Incoming calls processing quality

- SLA service level indicator for incoming calls - the proportion of incoming calls answered within the first 15 seconds (configurable period) of all incoming calls

- Average and maximum time the client waits for a response

3.2. Incoming calls answered by response time

- Assessment of the speed of processing incoming calls: the number of calls processed by agents during the first 5 (10, 20, etc.) seconds

- Assistance in planning the number of agents and their work schedule to meet the required SLA service level targets

3.3 Incoming missed by timeout

- Information about how quickly customers hang up without waiting for a response from the agent

4. Outgoing calls quality

4.1. Outbound performance

- Number of successful outgoing calls made by agents

- Average time agents spend on each call (including waiting time for an answer and talking time)

- The number of unique numbers processed by the agent per day

4.2. Outbound call summary by number dialed

- All unique numbers called by Agents

- Call summary for every unique dialed number

- Time spent on calls to unique number

- Status and result of calls to unique number

5. Agents

5.1. Calls by agents

- Comparison of agents by general indicators

5.2. Agent working hours

- Comparison of agents by the number of shifts, the average time of one shift and the total working time for all shifts

- How much time was spent by agents on calls, ACW and work breaks (lunch, toilet, etc.)

5.3. Agent load

- Estimation of the total load on agents: the share of working time spent on calls and ACW

- Assistance in planning the number and schedule of agents to service the maximum number of incoming calls

5.4. Agent breaks

- Details of the type and duration of all agent breaks (lunch, toilet, training, technical break, etc.)

- Total time agents are away from the workplace

5.5. Photo of the agent's working day

- Comprehensive information about the time distribution of a particular agent

- Time spent by the agent in the Conversation, ACW, Break and Idle statuses