Screen pop-up on incoming call in web application

You have two options to display screen pop-up on incoming call in your web application:

  1. Softphone.Pro opens a predefined link in a default web-browser
  2. Softphone.Pro sends an HTTP GET request to a predefined URL in background (it doesn't open web browser)

We use the first option in the example below.

1. Open Integration - Third-Party Systems on Settings window:

3-rd party integration settings

2. Click Add Handler button:

Adding a new handler

3. Select one of the following events in Event dropdown: "Incoming call ring" or "Incoming call answer". "Incoming call ring" event fires right after Softphone.Pro receives an incoming call and starts ringing. "Incoming call answer" event fires when a call is answered.

Select event type

4. Select SIP account if you want to handle events for a specific account. If you select "All" then Softphone.Pro will handle selected event for all SIP accounts.

Select SIP account

5. Select Open link in web browser in Action dropdown:

Open link in web browser

6. Enter your web application URL in URL/Program text input and add an appropriate URL parameters. See the available parameters brief description below the URL/Program text input:

Enter URL and parameters

You can use Regular Expressions to modify Caller ID or you can send DID number to 3-rd party system.

7. Click Save button.

You can prevent Softphone.Pro Main Window popping on incoming call: How to prevent Main Window popping on incoming or outgoing call?