Setting softphone up with Dialpad SIP credentials

First, click on the logo in the top-left corner.

Choose Settings in the main menu, then SIP Accounts in the left area of the window:

Now press Add Account button:

Enter the SIP credentials you got from Dialpad:

  • Account name — name it somehow
  • Register on startup — if it is not chosen you might not be able to make or receive calls as the program doesn't register on a SIP server.
  • SIP server — SIP server hostname or IP address. Program uses 5060 port to connect a SIP server by default. You can define other port using that format: sipserver:5061.
  • Login — the login
  • Password — the password
  • Display name — this is what your callees will see
  • Authorization name — the app uses Login for authorization if this field is empty
  • Domain — SIP domain
  • SIP proxy — SIP proxy

Now click Test Connection button. You'll see the Successful registration message if Softphone.Pro can register on a SIP server.

Click Save button to save your SIP account settings. Well done, time to make calls!