Knowledge Base

Installation and Configuration

Getting Started

System requirements

Softphone.Pro data sheet

SIP account setup

How to disable automatic call recording

Import phone book from CSV file

How to transfer program data (SIP accounts, contacts, history, recordings) to a new computer

SoftphonePro.ini configuration file

Remote login and provisioning

Configuration restrictions

Softphone.Pro on multiple monitors with different DPI settings

Custom status options

How to add Softphone.Pro to the Trusted list in Kaspersky antivirus

Download old versions

How to improve VoIP call quality

Reporting end-of-call RTP statistics in SIP BYE message

How to fix SIP errors

How to enable logging and view log file

How to send diagnostic information to our support team

How to report a critical issue

Main Features

Setup windows layout

Interface modes

How to display Floating Window?

How to display Active Calls Window?

How to display Contacts Window?

How to display History Window?

How to display Personal Statistics Window?

How to display Messaging Window?

How to increase Contacts Window width?

How to prevent Main Window popping on incoming or outgoing call?

How to clear Contacts and Call history?

How to restore windows position?

How to enable compact incoming call notification window?

Using redial

Adjust speakerphone volume

Mute and unmute microphone

Dialpad for extension dial in Floating Window

Call forwarding

Missed call e-mail notification

Multiple SIP accounts

Customize ringtone, custom ringtone per SIP account

Call waiting

Auto answer

Call recording

How to setup call recording for high quality speech-to-text

Pre-recorded voicemail drop

Play audio on answer

After Call Work (ACW)

Keyboard shortcuts

User interface scaling

Set "Away" status automatically

Decline calls when status is Busy or Away

How to use disable Away and Busy status options on main window

Hide caller ID for incoming calls

PBX Advanced Features

Call transfer


Call pickup

Contact presence indication (BLF)

Hold and unhold an active call

Cisco, Yealink XML remote phone book synchronization

Messaging in Softphone.Pro


How multiple users license works?

«Unable to validate your license key» and «Unable to validate trial period» messages

«You have exceeded the maximum number of users» message

«The license key is not suitable for this program version» message

«The license key has expired» message

«The license key is invalid» message

How to release concurrent user license?

Headset call control buttons integraiton

Jabra Evolve, Engage, Biz headset series integration

Plantronics headset integration

Leitner headset integration

Yealink headset integration

Instant Integration Features

Call phone number from clipboard

Outbound calling in Microsoft Office Еxcel

Outbound calling in Google Sheets

How to add Call button to Quick Access Toolbar in Microsoft Office Excel?

Google Chrome Click-to-Call Extension

Click-to-call on phone number hyperlink with «sip:», «callto:», «tel:»

Click-to-call with a custom protocol prefix (e.g. «call:»)

Call phone number, Answer call, Transfer and Hangup call, Play a pre-recorded message in web application

Command line parameters

How to choose SIP account programmatically and pass ExtId when making a call

Dialing rules

Recognizing third-party click-to-call, progressive and predictive dialer

Launching custom commands from Floating Window

Obtaining customer data from 3-rd party system

Upload call recordings to network folder

Upload call recordings to web-server (HTTP)

Upload call recordings to FTP server

Upload softphone call recordings to cloud storage Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive

Import phone book from CSV file

Cisco, Yealink XML remote phone book synchronization

Google Contacts phone book synchronization

Zoho CRM Integration

Zendesk Integration

Hubspot CRM Integration

Pipedrive CRM Integration

Clio CRM Integration

Salesforce Integration

Zoho Desk Integration

Freshdesk Integration

Capsule CRM Integration

How to get DID number for incoming call

Regular Expression (RegExp) syntax for Caller ID modification