Call comments

Administrators and Supervisors can comment Agents' calls. For example, Supervisor can use comments to point out the mistakes Agent made during the call.

Please note: comments are available only if call records are enabled in Team service.

How to comment calls

You can comment any call. Agents will see the comments only when they open call records in their Team Dashboard.

Mark the call with a supervisor's tag if you want to attract Agent's attention to your comment. Read more how to configure supervisor tags in the Call Tagging article.

1. Log in your Team Dashboard as Supervisor or Administrator.

2. Open the call you want to comment by clicking on the call recording icon:

Open call record

3. Select the part of the recording and click Add a comment button:

Add comment

4. Enter comment text and click Save:

Save comment

5. Added comments are shown as markers (1) and list of comments (2):

View comments

If you want to delete a comment click the delete button on the right.

Delete comment

How to see call comments as Agent

Please note: Agents see comments if they have access to call recordings in the Team Dashboard. Agents can only see comments and cannot add or delete them.

Log in your Team Dashboard as Administrator and make sure that Hide audio and video recordings from agents setting is disabled on the Settings - Company page:

Show records to Agents

Agents can open Team Dashboard and see comments made by the supervisor.

1. Find the call and open the call recording:

Open call record

2. See the comments:

See comments as Agent