Recognizing third-party click-to-call, progressive and predictive dialer

If you use a third party system that can initiate outgoing calls through your PBX (click-to-call links\buttons, progressive or predictive dialer), you might receive incoming calls to your agent's softphone.

These calls will display in Softphone.Pro call log and will be sent to event handlers as incoming calls. You can make Sofpthone.Pro recognize these calls as outgoing. You need to configure your PBX first to send a special header in the INVITE message of initiated calls to agent's softphone.

When the call with that header comes to the softphone, it will be saved to the call log and sent to the Call end event handler as an outgoing call.

In the example below we'll assume that PBX sends X-Click2CALL: Yes header in the INVITE message for the calls initiated from a third party system. To configure Softphone.Pro to recognize that header please do the following:

1. Exit Softphone.Pro.

2. Open SoftphonePro.ini configuration file with a text editor and find ClickToCallHeader parameter in the [AppSettings] section. Set the header and its value in this parameter:

ClickToCallHeader=X-Click2CALL: Yes

3. Save changes.

4. Open Softphone.Pro and initiate the call from your third-party system. You will receive an incoming call to the softphone.

When you receive a call, the Incoming call ring event handler will activate (if configured) instead of Outbound call initiated event handler. You can extract received header and pass it in the handler to process the call correctly in your third-party system.

5. After the call is finished it will be displayed as outgoing in the Call Log and will be passed as one to the Call End event handler.