Command line parameters

- SoftphonePro will start automatically when you execute SoftphonePro.exe with command line parameters.
- Only one SoftphonePro.exe instance can be running at the same time. If you execute SoftphonePro.exe with command line parameters when another SoftphonePro instance is aready running, then the second instance will not start. Your command line parameters will be passed to the first Softphone.Pro instance.

-call Action

1. Add -call parameter to place an outgoing call:

SoftphonePro.exe -call +18001234567

2. You can pass ExtId parameter while making the call. The app will return that ID in all event handlers related to this call. This allows you to track all events related to the same call in your CRM or Helpdesk software.

SoftphonePro.exe -call +79001234567;extid=123456

Softphone.Pro will automatically return that value in event handlers in %EXTID% parameter:

Extid parameter

3. You can make calls via specific SIP account using sipid parameter:

SoftphonePro.exe -call +79001234567;sipid=001

Please read more on how to set up and use SipId parameter.

-transfer Action

Add -transfer parameter to transfer an active call to another extension or phone number:

SoftphonePro.exe -transfer 100

Please note that call transfer feature must be properly configured for a SIP account in Softphone.Pro.

-hangup Action

Add -hangup parameter to end an active call:

SoftphonePro.exe -hangup

-answer Action

Add -answer parameter to answer an incoming call:

SoftphonePro.exe -answer

-playprerecordedaudio Action

Add -playprerecordedaudio parameter to play pre-recorded message:

SoftphonePro.exe -playprerecordedaudio 1

Please note that the command -playprerecordedaudio must have the ordinal number of a pre-recorded message.