Customize ringtone, custom ringtone per SIP account

You can change ringtone in Softphone.Pro. You can either change the ringtone for all calls or set up a specific ringtone for a particular SIP account.

Audio file must be WAV, mono, 8 kHz, 16 bit sampling rate. Audio files other than specified are not supported.

Change ringtone for all calls

1. Open Settings - Main section.

2. Click Select a file button next to Ringtone field.

Select ringtone file

3. Select ringtone audio file.

4. Save changes by clicking Save button.

Set up a custom ringtone for SIP account

1. Exit Softphone.Pro.

2. Open SoftphonePro.ini config file with a text editor.

3. Find a [SipAccount] section of an account you want to customize, [SipAccount1] as example.

4. Add RingingSound parameter to this section. Set the path to the custom ringtone:


Please note that the path uses / symbols.

5. Repeat steps 3-4 for other SIP accounts you want to customize ringtone for.

6. Save changes.