Softphone.Pro data sheet

Desktop platforms

VoIP Protocols


Network features
Firewall traversal method ICE, STUN, local IP address
Transport support UDP, TCP, TLS

Telephony features
Voice calls (SIP)
Multiple SIP accounts support Up to 32
Silence suppression
Echo cancellation
Unattended transfer
Attended transfer
Call holding
Conference call support Up to 6 participants
Play pre-recorded audio messages
Automatic call recording
Missed call email notification
Missed call forwarding
After call work (ACW)
Extension auto dial on answer
Custom ringtone per SIP account

SIP features
Supported codecs G.711 (alaw and ulaw), G.722, G.729, GSM, LPCM, iLBC, Opus, Speex
Media encryption
Server-side auto answer

Interface features
Multilanguage support 10 languages
Always on top pop-up window on an incoming call
Interface scaling
Interface modes Full, compact

Built-in statuses Online, Away, Busy, Offline
Custom status options
Automatic status switch
Automatic call ignoring in different statuses
Automatic SIP accounts unregistering in different statuses

Contact management features
Contacts list
Contacts presense indication (BLF)
Cisco XML phonebook file synchronization
Google Contacts synchronization
CSV contact list import

Integration features
Headset integration Jabra, Plantronics
Web CRM integration amoCRM, Zendesk, ZohoCRM, Hubspot CRM, Pipedrive CRM
Spreadsheet applications integration Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets
Click-to-Call from browsers sip:, callto:, tel:
Third-party web- and console applications integration Call phone number, answer call, transfer an active call, hangup and active call, answer an incoming call, play a pre-recorded message
Call events handlers configuration Launch a program, open a link in browser, call a web-service
Upload call recordings Cloud storage, network folder, HTTP-server, FTP-server

Provisioning features
Provisioning support
Settings restrictions for Agents

Licensing and support
Licensing Concurrent
Licensing time 1, 6, 12 months subscription (1 month = 30 days)
Free Updates and Support While subscription is active
Support by Email