Interface Modes

Supported in Softphone.Pro 5.0 and newer.

Softphone.Pro has three interface modes:

  • dual window mode;
  • multi-window mode;
  • compact mode.

You can change interface mode by clicking on the arrow icon in the top right corner of the main window:

Open interface settings

Choose interface mode

Let's consider each mode in more detail.

Dual window mode

This mode will suit the needs of most Sofpthone.Pro users, which is why it's the default interface mode.

Main window of the app is always visible. One of the additional windows can be displayed on the right: Active Calls, Contacts, History, Personal Statistics.

Dual-window mode

This mode allows for quickly switching between tabs to receive useful information and doesn't occupy much space on user's desktop.

You can change the content of the second window by using the buttons in the bottom of the main window or the interface settings menu.

Windows picker

Multi-window mode

This mode will be useful for advanced Softphone.Pro users, e.g. supervisors, who need to always see coworkers' statuses, redial the numbers from History, etc.

In addition to the main window you can open any app window (Active Calls, Contacts, History, Personal Statistics) and move it whereever you need on the desktop.

Mult-window mode

This mode allows for receiving the most information but also occupies more desktop space.

Compact mode

This mode will be most useful for agents who need to make the calls quickly (e.g. by using click-to-call). These users often don't need to see additional app windows.

The main window is smaller, additional app windows (if they were open) are hidden. You can switch the app to compact mode using the interface settings menu or by clicking the arrow icon above the dialpad.

Enable compact mode

This mode occupies the least space on user's desktop but doesn't allow for quickly accessing call history, contact list and other app windows.

Compact mode

Make sure that you enabled the Floating Window, or you won't be able to transfer or hang up active call while in compact mode.