Softphone.Pro Team - Agent SIP configuration

1. Use configuration wizard

When you login into your Team Dashboard for the first time you will see configuration wizard. It will guide you through first configuration steps and will let you test telephony on Administrator's softphone.

Appearance of different dashboard tabs is shown in the first window of the configuration wizard. Click Begin:

Configuration wizard

In the second window enter SIP account settings that are shared between all users (account name, server address, etc.):

Second step of configuration wizard

Enter Administrator's SIP account credentials (login, password, etc.). If Administrator isn't planning to use Softphone.Pro you can enter random credentials:

Third step of configuration wizard

On the last stage you get links to softphone installers for Windows and MacOS along with login and password. Use them to download Softphone.Pro connected to your Dashboard, login and make test calls:

Fourth step of configuration wizard

2. Set up your profile

Open the Settings - My Profile page and choose user interface language and time zone.

Team account settings

3. Set up your SIP server

Softphone provisioning is one of the most popular Team features. It simplifies softphone deployment and configuration. All your softphone settings (SIP accounts, automatic call recording, statuses, ACW and tags) are stored in the cloud and provisioned down when your Agents sign-in.

Softhone provisioning is enabled by default. If you prefer to set up softphones manually on Agent computers you can turn off softphone provisioining on Settings - Softphone.Pro - General Settings page. Please skip this section if you don't want to use softphone provisioning in Team.

If Agents have Softphone.Pro installed and locally configured on their computers:

Enabling Team provisioining will delete Softphone.Pro local settings stored on Agent computers, namely license key, SIP settings and SIP accounts, status and ACW settings. Disable Team Provisioning if you consider to use Softphone.Pro local configuration file SoftphonePro.ini stored on Agent computers. Find more on softphone provisioning.

Open the Settings - Softphone.Pro - General Settings page and enter your SIP server settings:

Enter connection settings to SIP server

Save Softphone.Pro general settings by clicking Save button.

Softphone provisioining in Team

4. Add new Agents

Open the Settings - Users page and click Create user button.

Adding new agent

Enter Agent's First Name, Last Name, Email, Password and assign Agent to a Team. Please enter Agent's email carefully, so she can receive her registration information on that email and login Softphone.Pro.

Agent profile

Set up Agent's SIP account on the Softphone.Pro tab:

Agent SIP account settings

Adding Agents

Adding Teams

Adding Supervisors

Setting up Teams

5. Send registration information to Agents

Open Settings - Users page, choose Agents and click Send invitation button.

Connecting agents to Team

Agents will receive a welcome email. Email contains the Softphone.Pro latest version download link and login information. Agents need to download and install the latest Softphone.Pro version. Once installed they need to start the Softphone.Pro and log in.

6. Dashboard, Call Log and Reporting

Keep track on Agents current status on the Dashboard tab, analyze Agents performance on the Reporting tab and review call recordings on the Call Log tab.