User actions notifications in Team

Administrators and Supervisors can receive browser notifications on Team users actions. This might help when the Supervisor is training a new Agent.

1. Open the Online tab in your Team Dashboard as Administrator or Supervisor user.

2. In the Agents section find the user you want to monitor and click the eye icon:

Enable notifications for user

You may see the message that your browser doesn't allow notifications from the current site:

Notifications are not allowed error

Allow browser to show notifications:

Allow notifications for Dashboard

You will see notification with the current status of the user:

Current status of the user

You will receive notifications for all user actions: softphone status change, calls, etc.

3. When the user's status changes you will receive a notification with the previous status duration and user's new status:

Status changed notification

4. You can receive notifications for multiple users. The users with enabled notifications are marked with blue eye icons:

Notifications for multiple users