Softphone.Pro Team - Getting Started

This manual is to help you to configure the Softphone.Pro Team service. It's made up for Administrators, Supervisors and Agents and provides an overview of the Softphone.Pro Team features.

We'd recommend starting with a tutorial video. Further in the guide you find more information about the app configuration and common use cases.

Please make sure the following is true before using Softphone.Pro Team service:

  • your Agents' PCs meet system requirements;
  • your Agents can receive email invitations;
  • you have a PBX like Asterisk/FreePBX or a cloud VoIP PBX and your Agents can use it to make and receive calls;
  • Agents have their own SIP accounts. Multiple Agents can't use the same SIP account due to SIP protocol restrictions.

If you don't use VoIP telephony so far:

1. Choose a VoIP telephony provider from our catalog.

2. Contact the provider to configure trunks and PBX to direct calls to your Agents.

3. Obtain SIP account settings for your Agents.

Configuration wizard

At the first opening of the Team Dashboard you see the configuration wizard — click here to see the full description.

The first window is for dashboard tabs appearance.

The next stage is about SIP settings for all users: account name, server address etc.

On the next screen please enter Administrator's SIP account credentials: login, password and others if needed.

On the final screen you will see installer links for Windows and MacOS along with the login credentials.

Dashboard features

You can create users with different roles like Agents and Supervisors. We recommend combining Agents to Teams, in such a case Supervisors can see and manage their Teams only. After you add Agents send them invites from the Dashboard, as describied in this article.


Provisioning feature makes configuring easier. Administrators can use it to configure Agents' softphones beforehand and in order to restrict settings changes. We recommend using configuration templates — all the configuration parameters are described in this article.

The following features for Agents will be available after configuration:

  • if Agents need to perform actions after the call, e.g. sending information, please enable After Call Work mode and customize its parameters;
  • Agents can tag calls, it might be of use for reporting;
  • if your PBX supports BLF and your users need information about colleagues' statuses, please enable contact presence indication in Contacts window;
  • if your PBX supports call pickup, please configure the call pickup command. Agents will be able to pick their colleagues' calls up and reduce waiting time;
  • if you use integration with CRM or third-party systems for outbound calls, we recommend configuring the service in accordance with this instruction for better statistics logging.

Quality assurance

Softphone.Pro Team helps Supervisors to control call quality. Thus, Supervisors can monitor Agents performance and activity in real time in multiple ways:

Supervisors also have access to the following features:


There are different reports in your Team Dashboard. Please read this article about using reports in Team service. Use After Call Work tags set by your Agents to get a more more information on calls. If you use Asterisk or FreePBX, you can upload a queue_log file to get special reports on calls.

Features for Agents

Softphone.Pro Team expands Softphone.Pro capabilities for Agents. When configuration is done, Agents get access to the following features:

Got a question?

In our knowledge base you can find:

If you haven't found an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us at Support team processes requests from 05:00 to 15:00 UTC on weekdays. Please visit this page for more information about our technical support.