How to use Team license key?

Softphone.Pro Team customers get their unique Softphone.Pro license key. That license key is valid for the exact amount of Team users. You don't need to define that license key on Softphone.Pro settings, because Softphone.Pro receives Team license key automatically on startup.

You can find your license key on Settings - Softphone.Pro - General settings page.

License key in Team

Team License Key Features

Please pay attention on Team license key features if you purchased Softphone.Pro license apart from Team:

  • License key is valid until your Team subscription is active.
  • You can use any available Softphone.Pro version with that license key. For example, you won't need to renew Softphone.Pro 3 license when we release Softphone.Pro 4.
  • License key user quota is sychronized with Team users. For example, you purchased Team subscription for 5 users and then you considered to expand it up to 7 users. Team license key will be updated automatically and will be valid for 7 Softphone.Pro users.

How Softphone.Pro receives a Team license key

Team sends the License key to Softphone.Pro automatically when Agent starts the application and logs in. License section on Softphone.Pro settings window becomes hidden to prevent inappropriate license key usage by Agent.