Upload softphone call recordings to FTP server

1. Install upload-to-FTP script file

1.1. Download script softphonepro-ftp-upload.cmd.

1.2. Extract script file from archive to local folder. Keep in mind that folder full path. You'll need it on 2.6. step.

2. Set up upload-to-FTP in Softphone.Pro

2.1. Open Integration - Third-party Systems:

Integartion - Third-party systems

2.2. Click Add Handler button:

Add upload-to-FTP handler

2.3. Select «Call end» event in Event dropdown list.

Select call end event type

2.4. Select your SIP account in SIP account dropdown list. You can leave the All option, then Softphone.Pro will execute this event handler for all SIP accounts defined in program settings.

Select SIP account

2.5. Select Launch a program in Action dropdown list:

Launch program on event

2.6. Enter the softphonepro-ftp-upload.cmd full path in URL/Program field:

Enter upload-to-ftp script full path

2.7. Add the following parameters separated by spaces to the URL/Program field:
- FTP server host name or IP address;
- FTP server folder to store recordings;
- FTP server user name;
- FTP server user password;
- %RECORD% named placeholder.

Below is the URL/Program example:

C:\Temp\softphonepro-ftp-upload.cmd mycompany.com /tmp/softphonepro-records ftpuser ftppassword %RECORD%

2.8. Click Save button to save changes.