Upload softphone call recordings to web-server (HTTP)

Supported only in Softphone.Pro 3.2 and newer

1. Install upload PHP script file

Download PHP script example

1.1. Extract script file from archive and copy it to your web-server's public folder. Make sure your web-server process has write file permission. That permission is required for saving call recording files on a web-server's local folder.

2. Set up call recordings upload in Softphone.Pro

2.1. Open Integration - Third-party Systems:

Integartion - Third-party systems

2.2. Click Add Handler button:

Add upload-by-HTTP handler

2.3. Select Call end event in Event dropdown list:

Select call end event type

2.4. Select your SIP account in SIP account dropdown list. You can leave the All option, then Softphone.Pro will execute this event handler for all SIP accounts defined in program settings.

Select SIP account

2.5. Select Upload a call recording in Action dropdown list:

Upload a call recording on event

2.6. Enter the recording_upload.php URL URL/Program field:

Enter upload-by-http script full path

2.7. Enter the name of <input> HTML element in Name attribute of <input> field, or leave it empty. This HTML element handles the uploaded file.

2.8. Click Save button to save changes.

The script saves files on a web server at ./records subfolder by default.

Use %RECORDFILENAME% parameter to map a call and recording file in other Call end event handlers. The %RECORDFILENAME% parameter handles the call recording file name.