System Administrators Guide

Download ready-to-use installation package

Finally stop to install softphones by remote (RDP, TeamViewer, VNC etc.)!

Get rid of manual softphone configuration: our new online service builds ready-to-use Softphone.Pro installation package on the fly and saves your time!

Step 1: Enter settings

Enter Softphone.Pro settings in this form. You don't need to define all the settings, for example you can enter your license key only.

Step 2: Send download link to user

Copy download link and send it to user.

Step 3: Have a break!

User downloads Softphone.Pro installation package and installs it on her computer. Softphone.Pro establishes connection to your SIP server right after user starts the program!

 New!  Remote login and provisioning

Set up the Softphone.Pro provisioning for remote login and provisioning.

 New!  Ready-to-use installation package for FreePBX users

Do you have FreePBX? Install new Softphone.Pro FreePBX add-in and get rid of manual softphone configuration!

Instant web- and Windows-application integration

Softphone.Pro provides basic computer telephony (CTI) integration features: calls log with audio recordings, screen pop-up on incoming call and click-to-call. No programming required!

Read more on common integration tasks and follow step-by-step configuration guides to make CRM, Helpdesk, ERP integration work in 15 minutes.

Store audio recordings on a shared network folder, HTTP server, FTP server or cloud storage

Softphone.Pro saves call recordings on a local computer. You can set up Softphone.Pro to upload call recordings to network folder, HTTP server, FTP server or cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Drive.

Reporting end-of-call RTP statistics in SIP BYE message

Configure reporting end-of-call RTP statistics in SIP BYE message. You can see this information on the SIP server in real time or log it to investigate later.

Remote login and provisioning

Increase the overall security with Softphone.Pro remote login and provisioning. You can manage and distribute Softphone.Pro configuration by remote as well as protect your SIP settings, 3-rd party integration parameters and license keys from being watched by teleworkers.

Transfer program data between computers

Just copy Softphone.Pro data folder (settings, log files, audio recordings) to a new computer.

Synchronize with external address book

Save your address book in Cisco, Yealink XML file and synchronize Softphone.Pro with it. Softphone.Pro reloads that XML file periodically on a network folder or HTTP server. Users always have their address books up to date!