Why don't clients call after hours? (They do. Count it right.)


You are a contact center lead, or sales team manager, or head of helpdesk, or you name it. You keep your eye on metrics: load in the moment, AHT, etc. You think your people are good as they handle the calls swiftly and don't cheat with ACW.

But someday you wonder: why do I see no calls after hours? You also notice another oddity — clients wait just a couple of seconds and then disconnect — and put another question: why is waiting time so short?


Are we on the right road?


The answer to the first question is the following: check your PBX settings. If it is not set to such events outside working time you see no calls after hours. As for clients, they just hear busy signals. One might even say that CX is a point of growth and the client centricity leaves a great deal to be desired.

The second one begs a counter question: are you really sure you count the right things? Just fancy: what if at spike load moments you have not enough agents? Therefore clients grievously wait for a free agent and lose, lose, lose patience. And — finally! — an agent receives the call... but at the same moment clients get off the phone as they are fed up. And you see just a short wait if you count out such situations.

Figuratively speaking, if you run a supermarket there is no use to keep focus on the checkout line when a crowd cannot come in.

Both questions have the same root: queue log. If it is OK you've got the correct data for decisions; otherwise you live in a wrong reality. So there is a god-awful small affair remaining — check your Asterisk and configure if necessary. That might be a challenge as it requires command of machine language and console.


The best way is to use Softphone.Pro Team: upload a log file in 2 clicks and get the result in a friendly interface. That's a really good alternative to Asternic and Queuemetrics: on par in terms of performance and utility but much cheaper.

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