Best softphones 2022: reviews, alternatives, overall impression


Ladies and gentlemen,
We are delighted to announce that soon we start publishing our Best VoIP Softphone Review!

There many products, simple and sophisticated; all together we could call Softphone Software, a kind of generic name for such class of programs using SIP for voice communication. We will undoubtedly compare our program with alternatives — Counterpath Bria, Zoiper, MicroSIP, Phonerlite, and 3CX. On our jousting arena you will definitely find comparison with softphone software by Linphone, Acrobits, Blink, and Square Talk. We are also going to square off against Avaya, Mitel, Grandstream, Ringcentral, and Cisco Softphone Jabber.

Just fancy: you see a banner — Spear Running 2022! Softphone.Pro vs Bria! Softphone.Pro vs Zoiper! Softphone.Pro vs 3CX! Wow. Tempting contests. By the way — did you know that WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype and Slack can also be considered as softphones? That's the point!
Coming soon.
Stay tuned.

They got together: prose and verse.
Not same but not so much diverse.
As cold as ice, as hot as flame —
What horse is dark, what duck is lame?

Sure, on this occasion you can download Softphone.Pro and get 14 days free.


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