Future, Technologies, Friday the 13th… combo!

Oh yes, sometimes it happens — and we can have a 2-in-1 combo.

Today is a very scary interesting day — the World Technology Day — dedicated to hi-tech and the future, and our hopes for it as well. Though life is what you make and there is no future but we make for ourselves. And besides, the future is here now, let’s look around.

As you know, our business is VoIP. The term is pretty young: 30 years ago nobody knew this. There was no VoIP, no SIP, no softphone, nothing.

VoIP as we know it now started in 1995. That time even a famous company as Cisco was just 9 years old, and almost all modern VoIP majors appeared later. Let’s see and compare.

2000 — the year of Avaya origin. Mitel and Linphone appeared in 2001. Grandstream and Counterpath were born in 2002. PhonerLite started in 2005; Zoiper and 3CX in 2006; Acrobits in 2008; Blink in 2009. 2011 was the year of MicroSIP. (A bit of fast forwarding to make the long story short.) And the last hero of our review — Softphone.Pro — joined the superhero team in 2017.

All these products are alternative with some reservation (some are designed for big consumers and look like multi-purpose platforms, some are light and simple), but as for voice calling over IP, all the solutions cope with it more or less well.

30 years ago we had no cheap calls. We could not do our job from anywhere. Conference calls looked like rocket science. We could not make calls from the PC. We were chained to our offices and our deskphones. Thank you, future, finally you came.


Oh, by the way

There is a combo much cooler than 2-in-1.

What would you say about combination of
- compatibility with Asterisk, FreePBX, and any cloud PBX
- integration with CRM and any other software
- performance measurement
- light system requirements
- easy call quality check
- remote administration
- suitability for long use
- two clicks interface
- provisioning and
- time-saving

This is a 10-in-1 combo! Yes, this is about Softphone.Pro — download it here and get 14 days free.

The future has many names. For the fearful, it means the unknown. For the courageous, it means opportunity. Thank you, Mr. Victor Hugo.


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