Asterisk Monitoring Software. Softphone.Pro Team vs QueueMetrics


Here we compare monitoring software for call centers and situations when it is needed to transform Asterisk queue log files into something easier for perception.


Let us guess: you are here because you searched for "Asterisk Queue Log Stats", or "Call Center Stats", or "Asternic alternatives", or "QueueMetrics alternatives", or something like that. Asternic was our guest last time — follow this link to read the review. As for QueueMetrics, we are going to become better acquainted right now. Let's not beat around the bush and go directly to the website.




Looks nice.




We are promised to simplify our workflow. Many round colored indicators suggest thoughts about modern aircraft cockpit.




Tastes differ; someone will definitely say that it's boring to see only tables and nothing more.

OK, let's go to the price. We guess it should cost something, a free cheese, as far as is known, is in a mousetrap only. Let's see.


Softphone.Pro Team


Excuse me, did I see it right? 500 CHF per year for ten agents? Are you serious?

Dear fellows, we think it's a bit expensive to put it mildly. Let's compare with the Softphone.Pro Team:


Softphone.Pro Team


Effectively, you just pay 3 USD /user per 1 month for the analytical dashboard which operates with Asterisk queue logs as well. Until the price reaches 500 USD,

you can analyze calls and activity of 10 agents for 17 months, it's 40 percent longer.


Many reports and charts:


Softphone.Pro Team


Heatmap shows peaks and lulls:


Softphone.Pro Team


In fact, you get the same and even superior functionality and don't need to pay a high premium to the fair value. A penny saved is a penny earned, isn’t it?

Press here to save a penny, form your own opinion and get 14 days for free.




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