Softphone Software Review vol. 20 — MizuPhone


The score is score! — this is the 20th volume in our collection. Softphone software review, comparisons, testings, assessments, screenings, benchmarks... it's all about it.

It's forgivable (and delightful!) to say that so far we have already compared Softphone vs such well-known products as
   Bria (see the review here);
   Zoiper (welcome to this page);
   MicroSIP (read the post);
   Linphone (yeah, it was fascinating);
   3CX (everyone knows 3CX, now it's written);
   PhonerLite (nice German craft);
   Blink (have a look and check out the picture:);
   and Cisco Jabber (oh, great one!).

Our today's guest is MizuPhone, a VoIP softphone. Sounds a bit exotic but tastes differ, that goes without saying. It takes all sorts of softphones to make the VoIP world complete. As usual, we will compare it with our universal yardstick — Softphone.Pro 5.0 (this a release version, not rating... OK, actually rating too).


Hold yourself, we are starting.


Comparison criteria Softphone.Pro 5.0 MizuPhone 3.8
🛈    Ergonomics / 2 clicks interface very good good
🛈    Headset compatibility very good n/a
🛈    Designed for any size teams very good no
🛈    Provisioning + security very good n/a
🛈    Integration with CRM and web services very good good
🛈    MS Excel and Google Sheets integration very good n/a
🛈    Click-to-call aka click-to-dial support very good very good
🛈    BLF indication very good good
🛈    20+ reports yes no
🛈    SIP accounts supported 32 n/a
🛈    Notifications very good good
🛈    Installer size / footprint 19 / 33 Mb 16 / 39 Mb
🛈    Price subscription lump sum


The final decision is always up to you, we just summarize pros and cons. MizuPhone is a working stiff easy in use with design looking like hello from 00s. It's not for all size teams, mostly for small groups. Softphone.Pro can much more and offers broad reporting and monitoring options; provisioning is also it's forte.

Here you can download MizuPhone and form your own opinion.
Follow this link to download the latest version of Softphone.Pro, try Team cloud addon and get 14 days for free.

See you soon!


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