Softphone Software Review vol. 19 — VTALL


Our review collection has gained good momentum, it's vivid and vital and this is why this comparison we decided to devote to VTALL (and a bit due to wordplay frankly speaking).

Usually we start our reviews from playful preamble and act as an opener before guest star but today something went wrong — we managed to install the app... but it failed to start on our Windows 10. Refused point blank. Nothing to compare.

We faithfully recorded it in the table but it has zero significance as it's full of n/a. We value your time and inform you in advance. Unlikely it can please you... however we do hope you will find something useful below so do not forget to go to the conclusion ;)


Comparison criteria Softphone.Pro 5.0 VTALL 1.1
🛈    Ergonomics / 2 clicks interface very good n/a
🛈    Headset compatibility very good n/a
🛈    Designed for any size teams very good n/a
🛈    Provisioning + security very good n/a
🛈    Integration with CRM and web services very good n/a
🛈    MS Excel and Google Sheets integration very good n/a
🛈    Click-to-call aka click-to-dial support very good n/a
🛈    BLF indication very good n/a
🛈    20+ reports yes n/a
🛈    SIP accounts supported 32 n/a
🛈    Notifications very good n/a
🛈    Installer size / footprint 19 / 33 Mb 46 Mb / n/a
🛈    Price subscription lump sum


Alas, VTALL failed the test. So far it's the only app standing apart from all the other reviewed apps. Bria, Zoiper, MicroSIP, Linphone, 3CX, PhonerLite, Acrobits and a dozen of other products started, but in this case was no vitality. Perhaps it is because the age of the latest release is equal to this review number, we have no other presumption.

Nevertheless, another contender — Softphone.Pro — is cheerful and spry and quite recently grew up to version 5.0: new design, ergonomics, and pesonal productivity dashboard. We guess, today we have an undoubted champion.

Here you can download VTALL and form your own opinion.
Follow this link to download the latest version of Softphone.Pro, try Team cloud addon and get 14 days for free.

See you soon!


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